VIRTUS™ The very nameembodies the ideal ofmasculinity and the Herculeanstruggle of man to be – and look– the very best he can. It mighthave been a Roman word butthe ideal is as relevant today asit was back then – to live life tothe full, to aim for excellenceand to tackle whatever lifethrows at us head on withcourage and confidence. This inclusive range of Mensnatural skincare productshas been designed to fullycomply with all EUand UK legislation.


A high-performance range,VIRTUS™ has been designedto address the specific needs ofmen’s skin, harnessing the finestnatural ingredients to help protectit from damage, re-energise it at acellular level and ease sensitivityand irritation. All of Big Green Tree’s productsare free of Parabens, SLS’s andthe other chemical nasties, makingthem perfect for the man who caresabout what he puts on his skin asmuch as how he looks. Here at Big Green Tree naturalSkincare we have infused ourVIRTUS™ range with a classicallymasculine combination of juniper,lavender and patchouli oilsthe range comprises nine keyproducts, providing men with acomplete top-to-toe regime: